Foreign societies

VEVAM distributes remunerations for Dutch directors collected abroad and/or for foreign directors collected in The Netherlands on the basis of reciprocal or unilateral agreements. VEVAM has agreements with the following societies and welcomes any request from sister societies to enter into an agreement via


United Kingdom – Directors UK
Germany – Bild Kunst
France – SACD/SCAM
Hungary – FILMJUS
Norway – NORWACO
Spain – SGAE & DAMA
Belgium – SACD/SCAM   & SABAM
Italy – SIAE
Czech Republic – DILIA
Austria – VDFS
Switzerland -Suissimage
Poland – SFP-ZAPA
Romania – DACIN-SARA
Sweden – Copyswede
Argentina – DAC International
Japan – Directors Guild of Japan
United States of America – Directors Guild of America
Canada – DRCC
Bulgary – Filmauthor
Australia – ASDACS
Portugal – SPA
Lithuania – LATGA
Croatia – DHFR
Uruguay – AGADU
Chili – ATN